Granite or Quartz counter tops

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Kitchen and bathroom fabrication and installation

  Our in-stock inventory of granite and quartz slabs offers our customer a vast range of color and price points for any design idea. All of our fabrication is carried out with advanced computerized technology to minimize waste and to save our customers money. Our fabrication shop is located in Kennewick and we install in Richland, Pasco, West Richland, and surrounding areas.

Why granite?

     Granite counter tops have a one of a kind unique beauty, and every slab and bundle are different. Granite is a natural product with a timeless aesthetic and appeal. Formed in multiple colors granite can come in different sizes and textures. Slabs of granite can be put anywhere inside, outside, on the wall, in a shower, on a tub surround, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, and fireplace hearths.

    However, granite does have some drawbacks when considering it for your home.

Granite is porous and needs to be sealed (which is super simple) if not things like wine, and cooking oils could be easily absorbed into the stone. Never cut directly on your granite countertops your knives will be dulled, but granite is a rock capable of handling wear and tear very well. 

Why Quartz?

    Also, known as engineered stone quartz counter tops are still fairly new to the marketplace.

 Quartz is attractive in appearance, durable, and has fewer weaknesses than natural stone. This product goes through a manufacturing process that allows a wide array of colors and textures that you will not see in natural stone.

    Quartz is non-porous which makes it resistant to stains better than granite, marble, travertine, or slate. Being non-porous makes it in-capable of harboring bacteria or viruses making it a great choice for the kitchen, or bathroom countertops.

    Cons- Fortunately, quartz counter tops have very few but the first would be price averaging 150-200 sqft installed on up. That price is only an average you should get a bid with every project.

     Heat resistance would be the next con of quartz counter tops. When handling a hot pan, and you have quartz counter tops trivets are a must. Trivets protect the existing quartz counter and let heat circulate to prevent possible heat fractures on your engineered quartz counter top.

When designing a new kitchen or bathroom quartz counter tops will give you a contemporary, upscale design with very low maintenance. As long as you are willing to live with the drawbacks of definitely seeing the seam, cost, and the need to always use a trivet, quartz counter tops will meet and exceed your expectations.

Always read the specific manufacturers warranty, and maintenance instructions before picking a counter top.